Monday, May 13, 2013

A Night Under The Stars

Can you believe that little sweet Max is almost 5!! Hard to believe...but he will be starting school and officially turning into a little man in the fall.  I couldn't believe the transformation of Aiden during Kindergarten...I was not prepared for the little man he became.  But now that I am prepared...I'm looking forward to seeing how Max grows and matures during his Kindergarten year. 
Happy Birthday my sweet Max!! You are truly one of a kind and I am so lucky God picked me to witness your life!  You make me one happy momma!
As Justin and I started joking, "our baby only turns 5 once"...we wanted him to have a great party but something not too hard for us since we have a big vacation planned only a week after the party.  So...a laid back outdoor movie theatre themed party seemed to be perfect!  All except the anxiety about the weather!  We ended up moving the party forward one night...but luckily it didn't ruin plans for many people and his party went off without a hitch...only a few light rain drops during the movie.

I just love, love, love details! outdoor movie didn't seem complete without some old-time touches. There's just something about soda in a bottle that makes it sooo much better!

Who doesn't love popcorn!?  I thought about doing a concession stand...but my mommy voice spoke up and she told me giving chocolate to a bunch of 5 year olds right before bedtime (on top of juice, cake and ice cream) might not be the best idea around.  So we stuck to popcorn and it turned out to be just enough to keep them munching away and content during the movie.

Cute and colorful straws add such a cute touch to the soda bottles!

I tried something new and added a bit of color with the pom pom garland.  The kids loved them and they will look cute in my craft room after the party too! They are super easy (and cheap) to make!

The patio lights added just enough lights to see where you were walking, but didn't interfere with the movie.  And a few paper lanterns added their special touch too!

Having to move the party up a day definitely changed my plans for the cake, but we were still able to get Wreck It Ralph on top the cake for the birthday boy.  The cake was definitely just for the birthday boy...vanilla cake with nutella buttercream.  He eats nutelly every he was super excited!!!

I don't think he has removed the cake since the party! Thanks Travis for the awesome batman cape!

We even remembered to sing Happy Birthday to him this year!  Last year was a bit hectic and we cut right into the cake.  So mommy made sure we sang this year :)

We made a blanket for each child with their initials sewn on.  They loved them and cuddled all night with their blanket.  Some even slept that night with them!  Knowing they loved their blankets made them worth all the time I spent on them.  I just love a party favor that can be used again and again!

Happy Birthday Max!  I hope you had a blast and we can't wait to celebrate again for the 'big part' of your birthday when you actually turn 5 on the 14th!!! I love you all the way to God's outerspace!!