Monday, February 21, 2011

Baby Bean's Big Debut!!

Today is the day I can start to feel better and less anxious about this pregnancy.  Don't get me wrong...there's still a LONG way to go, but the first ultrasound always put me a little more at ease.  I know now there is only ONE bean...and so far everything looks healthy!  They got some AWESOME pics today and it makes it all the more real that a little human being is growing inside of me!  Such a magical experience to hear the healthy heart beat for the first time.  It's something I don't forget...with any of my pregnancies :)  I know we are blessed to have the children we have and also to have one on the way that is looking good!  I am so grateful to God!

Without further's baby bean!  It's too soon to tell the gender...8 more weeks until we get that news :)  12 weeks today...and my due date is 9/5/11 (Labor Day)!

 Baby bean is waving to us in picture #1...and showing us all his legs, feet and all in picture #2

 Such a cute little bottom! 
 Don't get too excited...that is just the umbilical cord.  The ultrasound tech tried to give us her guess...but she couldn't be swayed either way at this visit.
 Cute little legs...I'm sure they will kick strong in the next few months!

A little better close up of baby bean!

February Cakes

 This was definitely a first for me...a fun skateboard cake!  Happy 6th Birthday Canon!  I got such a great review from Canon's mom...really made my day!  And I love that Canon LOVED his cake!  That makes it all worth it!

And for a theme more familiar in our house....Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!  This cake was for a one year old's second birthday celebration...strawberry cake with cream cheese icing...yumm!  Who doesn't like cream cheese icing.  Happy Birthday Skylar!


The Many Faces of Aiden

I love this kid!  From his sweet caring expressions to his goofy funny looks.  He cracks me up!  So here are a few of his cute looks...along with his newest look...missing one tooth!  Due to some trauma he did a while back, he had to have it pulled last week at the dentist.  They gave him some happy medicine and laughing gas to help and he did great!!  He's even a little proud of his missing tooth...but for some reason does not want a lot of pictures taken of it.  I told him I needed a picture for his scrapbook and he told me that if I ever want to see it I can just ask.  Luckily he understood I needed a picture when I told him it would grow back in and I wouldn't get to see it anymore.  He looks so old with his tooth out!