Sunday, January 22, 2012

Getting Bigger!

4 1/2 months old and Reid is getting so big!  He's rolling all over the place, loves to grab at things, anything and everything goes into his mouth and he has the most adorable little belly laugh!  Can't wait to see his personality as he comes into his own :)  Enjoy the pics!

 Time to roll! 

He did things in reverse and learned to roll from back to front first!  Now he can do both!

Craft Time

 Both boys got painting projects for Christmas so they couldn't wait to get them started!  Perfect for the last day of Christmas vacation :)  I love seeing their little hands at work...I have one righty and one cute!

 Max is getting much more coordinated with drawing, painting and such.  And his attention stays on it much longer too.  Mommy is soooo happy her boys like to be crafty with her :)

 The little lefty at work...

 Aiden is a self proclaimed 'artist'...and I believe him.  He loves any form of art...I LOVE IT!

Awesome drawing Aiden!  After this he had to hide his treasure chest, draw a secret map (burnt the edges and all)!  Then we had a neighbor girl try to find the teasure.  It was such a fun activity!

4 months old (way past due!!)

Even though I'm extremely late with posting...the pics are actually at 4 months old :)  So....with being 4 months old came CEREAL!!!  yeah!  We were definitely more excited than Reid was.  He did NOT like the cereal very much at first, but now he is getting the hang of baby food.

 Next up...the bumbo seat!!  His neck is much stronger and he loved the bumbo seat much better than cereal!!! 

 Reid was watching Max so intently.  It was very cute to watch the two of them.  Max liked Reid in his new seat too so he could play and show him things much easier than before.  Max is really a great big brother!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Little Treasure from Max

So as we drive to daycare today (half asleep I might add) in the dreary rain, Max gave me a little treasure of mommyhood.  A completely random conversation...

Max: you know God made rainbows to remind people of something?

Me: He did Max!  Do you know what they remind us of?

Max: No momma...I said God made rainbows to remind people of something.

Me: (let me try this again)..He did??  What does the rainbow remind us of?

Max: The rainbow reminds us of our promises.

Me: I think you are right.  I think the rainbow reminds us of God's promises too.

Max: (thinking a little bit)  And our promises!  I promise to go to bed nice a quiet.

Me: You do??  You promise?

Max:  (yelling) I promise :) (with the biggest grin ever)

Let's  hope he remembers this tonight at bedtime.  Maybe if I put a rainbow in his room he would remember???

He's so cute.  There was no rainbow today...just dreary dark rain clouds.  But Max still remembered the rainbow.  So on a yucky dreary day, Max provided me with a little shiny happy treasure on our way to school.  I love you Max!  Thanks for my sweet moments....

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas Cookies

Recipe for great Christmas cookies: (you must follow each one specifically)

1) Crack eggs and be careful not to get ANY shells!

2) Mix well (works so much better if you are sitting ON the counter...

3) Roll into a ball and cover with sugar....  Place evenly on the cookie sheet and place into the oven.

4) You MUST taste one to make sure they turned out okay

Now onto some helpful tips for making the best sugar cookies ever! 

1) First things must make a terrible mess for mommy to clean up

2) Cover yourself, the table, the cookies (pretty much anything you can find) with powdered sugar (works better than flour)

3) Carefully cut out the cookies...

4) Don't forget to press hard so it goes through the dough!

5) Don't forget to concentrate!!

Hope our tips are helpful!!

Christmas Recap - Christmas Parade

Something new this year...we've never been to the Greensboro Christmas parade!  So off we went!  With some great friends, it made for a great day and the kids had a blast!  If you've never, you're missing out.  Lots of great bands, big character balloons and lots of floats.  We were impressed and it was well over an hour...two hours I believe.  Much longer than I expected!

Love this kid!  Such a cutie!

Max's normal stance...shoving food into his mouth!

Reid was all bundled up and oblivious to the rest of the world...until feeding time :)

Had to get a pic for Justin!  Motorcops are so cool!

All the kids having a great time!

 And last, but not least...the big man himself!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Recap - Papa Goat's Tree Farm

Don't you just LOVE traditions!!  That's what the holidays are all about.  Keeping traditions, building new ones and making memories!  So...with keeping with traditions we packed up the family and headed up to Sparta to Papa Goats Tree Farm.  And to our surprise they remember us from years past!  Before we even said anything, we got off the tractor ride to the tree field and the workers spotted us and commented on the family addition!  Their entire family is so nice...which is what keeps us coming back year after year.  It was such a warm day and the kids had a great time running about.

Max was all smiles here...but up on the hill we did have several tears because "his legs are too little!!".  Poor guy...he does have little legs and they get ohhhh so tired!!!  Once they found swords (a.k.a. fallen tree branches) to play with, his legs found energy to chase Aiden with.  It's so funny how that happens!?

My little men...growing up before my eyes!
Mommie with Reid all bundled up to keep out of the wind.
This is it!!  The Fleming Family Christmas Tree 2011.  We didn't have anyone to get our unfortunately Justin was behind the camera.