Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Little Treasure from Max

So as we drive to daycare today (half asleep I might add) in the dreary rain, Max gave me a little treasure of mommyhood.  A completely random conversation...

Max: you know God made rainbows to remind people of something?

Me: He did Max!  Do you know what they remind us of?

Max: No momma...I said God made rainbows to remind people of something.

Me: (let me try this again)..He did??  What does the rainbow remind us of?

Max: The rainbow reminds us of our promises.

Me: I think you are right.  I think the rainbow reminds us of God's promises too.

Max: (thinking a little bit)  And our promises!  I promise to go to bed nice a quiet.

Me: You do??  You promise?

Max:  (yelling) I promise :) (with the biggest grin ever)

Let's  hope he remembers this tonight at bedtime.  Maybe if I put a rainbow in his room he would remember???

He's so cute.  There was no rainbow today...just dreary dark rain clouds.  But Max still remembered the rainbow.  So on a yucky dreary day, Max provided me with a little shiny happy treasure on our way to school.  I love you Max!  Thanks for my sweet moments....

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