Saturday, November 13, 2010

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Dineen

My last cake order for 2010....a wedding cake for Mr. and Mrs. Dineen :) I saw this cake before I even got a request for a wedding cake and thought it was so elegant. I changed the flowers a bit and I love how it all turned out. Simple and elegant... I hope they love how it turned out!

Sugar flowers made with gumpaste, dusted pale yellow and finished with a pearl glaze.

The poor bride came down with the stomach bug. I hope she was able to feel better by the time the ceremony started. Everyone deserves their beautiful wedding day to be perfect...I hope she enjoyed much as she could.

Lover's Leap

Whew!! Busy week of cake! This week I have been up to my elbows in cake and times I thought I was crazy for taking on a groom's cake and wedding cake in the same week, but I couldn't say no because I loved the idea of both the cakes! I'm a sucker for making pretty things :)

I have only met the bride and groom once, but I think they are such a cute couple! The are SOOO the couple that you can tell they are so in love from the moment you meet them. Soooo cute! Which is another reason I wanted to do both of their cakes :) I'm also a sucker for love and cute couples! They both like to ski/ hence the groom's cake. Lover's Leap is such an appropriate name since marriage is truly a 'double black diamond' at times...but well worth every bit of hard work you put into it :) Congratulations Jarrett and Miriam!! I wish you two all the best!

I always get asked the question, "How long does it take to make a cake?". That is so hard to answer since each cake is unique...some look easy but take much longer than expected. I hardly ever watch the clock when making a cake, but this time I had set times to work on it so I have a better estimate than some other cakes.

As you can see...the cake itself wasn't too hard to do. Since it was a mountain it didn't require a lot of smoothing, but I did have to carve some. The figures themselves took me approximately 7-8 hours to make. Add the baking time, making icing, rolling fondant, decorating, delivery etc. The time can quickly add up. I would say this cake probably took 12 - 14 hours if I had to guess? Time consuming...but so much fun to see the end product! Hope the helps next time you're wondering how much time goes into a special cake :)

Will be back soon with wedding cake pictures!!