Sunday, January 22, 2012

Craft Time

 Both boys got painting projects for Christmas so they couldn't wait to get them started!  Perfect for the last day of Christmas vacation :)  I love seeing their little hands at work...I have one righty and one cute!

 Max is getting much more coordinated with drawing, painting and such.  And his attention stays on it much longer too.  Mommy is soooo happy her boys like to be crafty with her :)

 The little lefty at work...

 Aiden is a self proclaimed 'artist'...and I believe him.  He loves any form of art...I LOVE IT!

Awesome drawing Aiden!  After this he had to hide his treasure chest, draw a secret map (burnt the edges and all)!  Then we had a neighbor girl try to find the teasure.  It was such a fun activity!

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