Monday, February 21, 2011

The Many Faces of Aiden

I love this kid!  From his sweet caring expressions to his goofy funny looks.  He cracks me up!  So here are a few of his cute looks...along with his newest look...missing one tooth!  Due to some trauma he did a while back, he had to have it pulled last week at the dentist.  They gave him some happy medicine and laughing gas to help and he did great!!  He's even a little proud of his missing tooth...but for some reason does not want a lot of pictures taken of it.  I told him I needed a picture for his scrapbook and he told me that if I ever want to see it I can just ask.  Luckily he understood I needed a picture when I told him it would grow back in and I wouldn't get to see it anymore.  He looks so old with his tooth out! 

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