Friday, January 28, 2011

We've Moved!

Ahhhhh!  We finally closed on the house this past Wednesday!  I definitely would not recommend trying to move into a house mid-week, but that's what we got.  Luckily Justin was off yesterday and was able to get EVERYTHING unloaded from the PODS with the help of some buddies.  Thanks guys for all the help!  They were awesome to get everything done so fast and I must admit they put things where they belonged!  I confess, having to work while the guys were at home unloading, was a real test to my 'control freak' ways, but they did AWESOME!  No chipped paint on the walls, no chipped furniture, and the dining room is pretty much set up....and the hutch is actually centered on the wall!  I know...I was amazed too!

So...are we going to unpack this weekend?  NOPE!  We have better plans for the weekend.  My brother is getting married (to a wonderful lady I might add!) this weekend and we wouldn't miss it for anythng!  The house can wait...we're headed north bright and early tomorrow morning to join the family for the wonderful occassion.  Not to mention we are getting our boys back tomorrow also!  It's going to be a great weekend!

Have a wonderful weekend....I'll post pics of the new place once I clear a few boxes out of the way :)

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