Monday, March 21, 2011

Make Life - My Nephew's Baby Quilt

 It has been extremely hard to NOT share one of the most important project I have been working on lately.  A new baby quilt.  Nope...not for me...for my nephew that is due to be born in the next few weeks.  About 10 minutes after I found out my brother and his wife were expecting I had it on my mind to start looking for quilt ideas.  I have only finished 3 quilts so far in my life...all for nieces and nephews :)  Yes...someday I will make my own boys a quilt...they are in the works, but much bigger so it will be a while before you see those :)

Anyways, I picked this 'life cycles' quilt and used Moda Fabric's "Make Life" by Sweetwater.  I love the colors and patterns and the idea of getting family members to sign it as a keep sake was just the idea I was looking for!  I started the quilt in November and finished it this past week and got to present it to the proud mommy and daddy-to-be at their family dinner/baby celebration this past weekend.  I hope they enjoy it and let the little one play on it often.
 I used my wonderful Singer Featherweight (gift from my MIL) to piece the fabric together and hand quilted all the detail.  Hard to see in the pictures, but there's a lot of quilting in there...I loved every minute of it!

 Family members signed their own messages to the baby.

 Hand made label on the back with my personalized prayer for my new nephew.  I can't wait to meet him!

The label read, "This quilt is made from fabric called 'Make Life'.  That is my prayer for you...make life...make it sweet, make it fun, make it challenging, make it hopeful, but most of all....make life BIG!  Big dreams, big goals, big joy, big laughter...a life of endless opportunities. -Made with never ending love-
Aunt Rachel"

Even Aiden and Max can't wait for the new addition!


  1. Wow, I love the design and the fabrics. Great job, it's beautiful. I have got to know how you do it. You work, have a family, decorate cakes and you QUILT. Amazing.

  2. Rachel it came out so great! I love the bright colors and the sweet messages! What a sweet gift :)