Thursday, April 25, 2013


I don't know what happened!?  Last night Reid came home from Awanas and his hair looked several shades blonder than it was a few days ago.  Do we have another blonde on our hands??  Believe me..he's going to break hearts regardless of his hair color...but I must admit I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Max's blonde I'm secretly hoping to see some more blonde locks on this babe.  Looking back in pics...this IS about the time Max's hair color changed!  We'll see what the summer brings....

This is Reid's half 'cheese' face...his full 'cheese' face reminds me so much of when Aiden used to scrunch up his face and say 'cheese' every time he saw the camer (which was A LOT). I hate to always compare Reid to his brothers...but he really does have a lot of each of them in him.  Or maybe it's a bit of Justin and me...but whoever it is, he's SOOO cute and I wouldnt' trade him for anything! Even his stubborn little rants when he throws whatever he's holding down and then throws himself on the floor to cry.  I'm pretty sure he got that from his daddy! (However I do remember doing that a time or two when I was pregnant)

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