Monday, May 10, 2010

Max's Green and Yellow Butterfly Party

It's finally time for Max's birthday party at the All-A-Flutter Butterfly party. I had everything planned for my little boy's big day and we loaded up the car with all the little goodies to go with his green and yellow birthday party. One BIG thing I didn't plan for was WIND!!! The butterfly farm is next to a big open field where the rest of our party would be. With no trees to block the wind it was a little hard to set everything up. We got it done and got a few pics of all the cute favors and such I worked so hard on. Wind and all we had a blast and it was a beautiful day. I'll take some wind over rain any day of the week! Enjoy the pics!

Here the kids are learning all the fun little facts about butterflies and the differences between butterflies and moths. The kids above are moths getting ready to break out of their cacoon. Aiden is "Moth Man"
Here's we're learning how butterflies smell, eat, taste, etc. Did you know butterflies hear with their knees and taste with their feet?? You do now!

Max liked the butterflies until they started flapping near his face...then he had enough!

Most of the time Max and Nathaniel (a.k.a Nadaniel if you ask Max) were in the Rubbermaid tub. Who knew? I could have just bought him a storage bin for his birthday and then used it for his clothes later!!

Make a wish Birthday Boy!

This was one cake I really didn't want to cut into...until I remembered it had raspberry filling in it! Then I didn't have a problem at all!

After the pinwheels were gone, Max found another tub to sit in...and sand to throw!

Pinwheel favors for the kids...

We had such a great time and glad everyone came out to the butterfly farm to celebrate Max's 2nd birthday with us!

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  1. Everything looks wonderful! What a cute cake!