Monday, July 26, 2010

Adorable Kiddos!

Ever since Hannah and Aiden were born, Melissa and I have joked about them being girlfriend and boyfriend...and I must say they are such a cute couple. Lately they have been saying they are actual girlfriend and boyfriend which we think is hilarious and we make sure to keep each other informed of the funny stories they tell us. Last week they 'almost got married' at daycare, but they didn't have time because Aiden was picked up early. Can you believe they weren't even going to invite us to the wedding!? They have given me the 'go ahead' to the make the wedding cake...but I need a little more warning next time! Anyways...last night they sat in the grass for some pictures and I think they turned out awesome. I'll keep these for their REAL wedding in the future....we can wish can't we?

Stay tuned...we're all going to the beach in a few weeks...maybe they will have a ceremony there and actually invite us!

So precious!! I didn't even ask Hannah to close her eyes. They are too cute for words.

Speaking of cute!!! Mr. Max was willing to pose for pictures which can be a chore! I think they are keepers too! Next time we'll wrestle Nathan (Hannah's brother) into some pictures :)

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