Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beach Bums

We arrived on Saturday afternoon, unpacked and headed to the beach. We didn't want to waste a minute and with four kids yelling "to the beach!!!" we did have much choice either! As you can see, Max means all business and he was determined to get to the big sandbox at the end of the walkway! Ahhhh...vacation is here and we're loving it!

We have two sand babies....

and two water babies :)
But regardless of whether they are in the water or sand, all the kids are having a blast and have gone non-stop since we got here. We also have two nappers and two non-nappers...and I bet you can figure out the two groups. Seems as though our oldest are growing up on us and must not need the naps anymore (sigh...) or so they say...

One last pic from today's beach outing. Mommy started reading a magazine while Max was playing in the sand. That didn't last long because he wanted me to spread out his towel...he went to get another magazine and laid down beside me to "read" his magazine! Too cute! oh...and he enjoyed his crackers filled with sand...didn't stop him from eating. Not much does!!
Take care!! We're headed back to the beach after naps and soak up some more sun :) Then having a shrimp dinner...YUMMY!! And of course make peanut butter fudge that Aiden has been requesting all week :)

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