Sunday, August 29, 2010

Progress on Aiden's Quilt

I'm making progress! Slowly but surely I'm actually beginning to believe Aiden will have a quilt made by me some day. I got all the 'split squares' sewed together (square made from two triangles) and ironed flat. Now is the tough part...laying out all the fabric in order so I can start sewing it together. It has to look random, but sometimes random is harder than having a strict pattern to go by.

For lack of floor space to use, I bought a piece of felt and tacked it to the wall. Fabric will stick to the felt, so I can arrange all my fabric pieces and keep it off the floor so it won't get ruined by the dog or little boys running around :) The best place I have to tack the felt is above our spare bed, so I was jumping up and down off the bed. That got old real fast. I have my card table on top my bed with all my fabric in reach! My spare room is a mess...but at least I'm making progress on this project :)

Here's my design wall with my work station near by. When my eyes get crossed I just lay down and take a nap. This set up is pretty convenient!!

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