Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sweet boys....

After church today we were driving home to get Brody and go on their promised picnic while we had a house showing today (YEAH!! cross your fingers!). Here's the conversation Aiden and I had in the short drive home...

Aiden: How does God make the road and cars?

me: well...He shows us what we need and how to make the roads for Him (we're His hands and feet).

Aiden: oh. I think I will pray for God and thank Him.

me: that's a great idea!.

Aiden: Thank you God for all the things You make and the things people make. Thank you God for all the roads and cars we use. Thank you God for the people that make quilts and cakes. Thank you God. Amen.

Max: Amen God!

So cute! I think the quilts and cake comment was from the conversation we had yesterday how we all do different things and make different things. But in the midst of the conversation today it was so random :) And Max yelling Amen God at the end made me literally laugh out loud.

Oh...and apparently Aiden learned about Adam and Eve today. When I had him tell me the story...he told me that the reason God didn't want Adam and Eve to eat the apple was because he didn't want them to be smart. hahaha!! We had to review the story and point out that the 'snake in the tree' was not being nice and telling them lies :) But at least I know Aiden is listening in Sunday school...he had the rest of the story right :)

Have a great Sunday!

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