Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy 60th Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad!! Special for my dad...a fishing cake to represent not only one of his favorite past times, but also because we have so many great memories fishing and camping with my dad growing up. He's the best and I believe could catch a brook trout in a mud puddle! So...when I decided to make his birthday cake...nothing else seemed fitting. I had a blast making this cake and even got a little help from my sister with making the fish. She molded the fish and did an AWESOME job and we painted him together. I think everything turned out great and I'm so glad he enjoyed his cake!! I love you dad! Happy 60th old man!!!

The flavor was lemon cake with raspberry filling. I'll definitely do that might be one of my favorites!

Yes..the fish is big, but it's fitting for his humor. If I could have made an expression bubble above his head it would have said, "They're NEVER going to believe this one!"...the old fisherman tale of the one that got away...

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  1. This is an awesome cake Rachel. They are all great, but I guess because I know your Dad I love this one! I bet he loved it too. Amy is getting so good too. You both are so talented.