Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I love pumpkin pictures!!

Every year I can't wait to go pick out pumpkins! When Aiden was 11 months old, we got our first pumpkin and pumpkin pictures with him and they were some of my favorite pictures! Such a cute little boy sitting on the pumpkins and his bright blue eyes shining! Well...each year our pumpkin pictures are still some of my favorites and this year is no different! We always get our pumpkin from the same corner stand at the farmers market. They have so many pumpkins that we can get so many good pics and the boys have a fun time picking one out from their huge selection! Here are some of our favorite pictures from this year's trip.

The boys picking out their own pumpkins :)

Most of my pictures look like this. It's a little hard to get them to act right these days...but it's so much more fun this way!!

My precious boys!

Again...most of the times the boys are being silly....it's hard to get a picture with them, but I like this pic because it shows Aiden's personality...always joking around!

There we go...all smiling for the camera!! Hurry take the picture!!

Great pumpkin Max! He just HAD to carry it all my himself!

What in the WORLD is Aiden doing behind Max?? I couldn't figure it out then and I still can't. I guess he's just trying to bug him...but it doesn't seem to be working :)

Aiden took this picture of us! Great job!!

And this is our FAVORITE hobby these days. Getting Max to pee pee on the potty! No pee pee accidents in 4 whole days!! I can see the end of our diaper days in the near future hopefully!! Yeah Max!!!

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