Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Hayden!

I had so much fun making this cake! It was a lot of prep work, but putting it together was so much fun. I think I had the Super Mario Bros theme song going through my mind the whole time...and the sound of gathering all the coins. I'm sure we all played this game so much those sound effects are etched in our memory forever. Go ahead and sing the song to yourself as you look at the pics!

Hayden didn't know if he was getting a pirate cake or a super mario cake, but he was hoping for super mario brothers. His face is priceless!! Seeing the look on his face when he saw the cake makes all the time and hard work worth it :) Better than money any day!

Love the pictures?! Head on over to The Mom Tog Diaries or Hana Lynch Photography Blog and check out Hana's photos. She takes awesome pics so check her out!!

Thanks Hana for the opportunity to make Hayden's birthday cake and also for sharing your amazing photos with me! Can't wait to make cakes for the girls next year :)

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