Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Aiden

I'm so behind!! Mostly because the past few weeks have been so busy and fun that there hasn't been any time for blogging. But I can't very well let my little boy's 5th birthday go by and NOT blog!!

My little boy is 5!! (sigh). Hard to believe, but he's growing up! This was by far the best birthday yet purely because of how excited he was to be turning the big number! He's a whole hand now! On his birthday he told everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) that his name was Aiden and he was 5 today! It was so cute to see how proud he was of himself. And to be honest...we're a little proud of ourselves too because he's such a great kid. I know we don't have everything to do with that...I give that to God...but I would like to think we had a little to do with his loving, caring, sincere and hilarious personality.

We love you Aiden!! We hope you had the best day ever!! We sure enjoyed it with you!

Aiden had a great group of kids come to his party! They all had a blast...and the parents did too!

I found these cute favor bags over at Perideau Designs. Head over there and check them out! You can get them personalized and they are priced great. They even have some for the holidays!

Aiden got to count down for the lights to be turned off for the Glow party. He had a blast...."LIGHTS OUT WOO HOOO!" Those were his exact words.

Cute Max in the boxing ring...

And of course his Toys Story cake!

Even though he tells me 'he's allergic' to cake...he still wanted a cake made by his mommy. I'm glad he thinks I'm cool....that won't be the case for much longer I'm sure!

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