Monday, April 11, 2011

Hungry Caterpillar!!

I must say, this hungry caterpillar cake was one of the funnest cakes I've made!!  I didn't just get to make some cute shapes...I got to paint!  And better yet, to match the book I got to be messy and paint!  The boys were so excited all week when I was making the cake, we read the book more that week that we had in the past year!  It is a great book...and an awesome party idea!

Here are some GREAT pics from Miss Ella's Hungry Caterpillar party.  Her mommy did an absolutely amazing job at putting together all the little details to make this party truly precious! 

If you're wondering about the amazing photography and the rest of the party details...head on over to Hana's Blog !  You can link to her photography website from there and see all the party details too!

Thanks Hana for giving me the opportunity to make your cake for such a special party!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!


  1. Thanks Rachel for a beautiful cake! Put me on the calendar for the end of October!

  2. Will do! I should be back to doing cakes by then :) I'll still be off work, so it won't be a problem :)