Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's a healthy baby BOY!!

The day I anxiously awaited finally arrived! I impatiently awaited to find out the gender of all my babies, but this time I was literally wanting to crawl out of my skin by the time THE DAY finally arrived. Why was this so different?? This is our last (or what we plan to be our last). Maybe God has different plans, but we've always wanted 3 babies...regardless of the gender. So this time I would finally know what my family would be!!! Would it be "My Three Sons" or two sons and a diva?? I know everyone expects me to say I want a girl...believe me I've heard it even before I was pregnant with our 3rd baby. I could amost see people's face change when I responded, "I'll be happy with either". It's almost like some people thought something was wrong with me for NOT having this overwhelming need for a girl. Don't get me wrong...I would take a girl just the same. I love little girls and their cute dresses just as much as the next person, but I was truly happy and content to receive whatever God was willing to give me.

So....without further's pictures of our new baby BOY!!! Due September 5th, but will most likely make his appearance at the end of August via c-section. He's already measuring 6 days ahead...just like his big brothers!!

Speaking of big brothers...Aiden was super excited and SO proud to tell all his friends about his new little brother.  And Max...sweet little Max responded, "Thank you mommy for making me a boy".  As for probably won't see him for a's going to take him a few days to land back on earth! 

So, if you're asking...."Are you happy?"  YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!  I'm over the moon to have another snuggly baby boy to cuddle.  Another boy to call me princess, another boy to say I'm beautiful, another boy to want mommy to fix HIS boo boos, another boy to look up to their AWESOME daddy, another boy to run, scream, kick, yell, wrestle, catch bugs, get dirty and do BOY things...and yes...even get time outs in the middle of public.  I love it all and wouldn't trade it for anything! 

Now if we only had a name and fabric for a be continued...

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  1. this was awesome!!!!! Your story was wonderful and the pictures are great!!!! His leg reminded me of max's leg for some reason. The side view of the pickle was very clear of gender and so proud to say hes our 5th grandchild.. Dont worry , name and quilt fabric will come next. So glad he is healthy . Love to all... Nana Jane and Pap Pap