Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quilt Weekend

 So....what will I make out of these lovely fabrics??  Yummy fabrics all picked from Karen Gray Design at Reynolda Village in Winston Salem.  I want to do something bright and fun for Baby Boy #3 and she was spot on when helping me pick out fabrics.  I picked them out on Good Friday, got them washed, ironed and cut...but no time to sew...until now.  Cakes are done, Max's party has come and gone and the boys are away visiting family in WV....perfect time for a QUILT WEEKEND!!  Yes...I confess...pretty fabric makes me happy and time to sew them into a quilt makes me even happier!! 

After two days of piecing my fabric together...all while having some much needed girl time with are our creations!!  Just picture it...chocolate walls in the nursery, white furniture, bright fabric...I'm getting excited!!

 Close up of the baby quilt....and no...a name has not been decided yet.  We're pretty close though!!

 Quilt top done.  Now onto the back before I can sandwich the quilt together and start hand quilting it for my little bundle!!

 Here is Melissa's VERY first quilt top!  She found this pattern last year on our beach trip and has worked on and off during the year on picking the fabric out, cutting her pieces, arranging the fabric and sewing them back together.  This weekend she finally got the entire front of her quilt finished!  It's awesome!!  Can you believe this is her first quilt??  She even got the back of her quilt pieced together too!  Now to buy batting and get this baby sandwiched together and prepped for quilting.  It's going to look awesome and Hannah is going to love her quilt from her mommy.  Made with love...

Awesome Melissa!!  You should be so proud of it!!  Show it off to've earned it!  I had a great weekend and can't wait to do it again soon!!

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