Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reid Adler Fleming

Well, here we are...26 weeks pregnant!  Hard to believe I'll be heading into the 3rd trimester soon, but then again I look at my belly and can believe it!  It's true what everyone says about your later definitely show earlier and get bigger sooner.  I can just pray this doesn't mean I will get twice as big by the end...but I'll take it either way...and I promise to try and keep a smile on my face throughout :)

We have officially chosen a name...Reid Adler Fleming.  We went with family names in the past, but decided to choose both names this time.  We have one son named after each side of the family so this time we decided to pick both names so it would be even.  We love it!  And it makes us even more excited to meet him now that we have a name!

Sayings I hear the most during this pregnancy:
1) "Are you sure you only have one in there?"  Yes...there's only one heartbeat, but thank you for your concern :) LOL!  Sure...there's enough activity in there for two babies, but I'm sure we are only having one.  As always...he's just going to be big.  His brothers were 8 lb. 2 oz (Aiden) and 9 lb (Max) we can only imagine how big Reid will be.  And I'm measuring 2 weeks ahead so far, so he's right on track with his brothers!

2) "You are going to be so miserable in the hot summer!"  Yes...I am lucky enough to enjoy every bit of August 9 months pregnant!  No, I didn't think about that when we were trying...but I wouldn't change it for anything.  I can take a little swelling in order to get another little handsome prince in the end :) 

3) "3 BOYS!!'re brave!"  Well...I'm not sure that brave or crazy is appropriate, but thanks for your well wishes!!  LOL!

4) "'ll be trying for #4 to have a girl?"  No!  We are done at 3.  We always planned to have 3, regardless of the gender.  We are 100% thrilled and content to be having a 3rd boy.  Our family will be complete with 6 members (don't forget Brody!).

5) "When are you due?"  Now this one is a very simple and general question for everyone.  But I love the look on everyone's face when I say I still have 13 weeks to go (c-section most likely to be scheduled at 39 weeks).  They look at me like I'm crazy...but rest assured I do know my due date.  Like in question #1, yes I know I always get big...this is no surprise to me :)  I will never forget the comment (and look) I got when I was pregnant with Aiden.  I was at the beach (around 7 months pregnant), and a lady at the shop asked if I was due any day.  When I told her I still had so many weeks to go she looked me up and down (yes...I could see the disgust on her face while she looked me over) and responded with the worst look on her face EVER...."Gonna be a big baby!".  Now...I'm used to the comments by now...I know I get big.  But imagine me during my first pregnancy getting this comment in the middle of public.  I was mortified...until I held my sweet Aiden.  Then I knew I would do it all again and I would get twice as order for him to be a healthy baby boy in my arms.

I'll be sure to post more funny questions as I get them.  And believe me...I don't mind them one bit.  I just laugh...I LOVE BEING PREGNANT!!  It's such a joy and matter how little or big you get! 

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