Wednesday, February 29, 2012

6 MonthsOld!!!

I sound like a broken record these days.... "where did the time go?", "he's growing so fast!", "it was just yesterday that we had him!", "time flies!"....BUT IT'S TRUE!  I remember when Aiden was little and I couldn't wait for him to get to the next phase and a woman told me "Don't wish your life away".  At the time I thought time went so much slower that it wasn't possible to wish your life away...I just looked forward to so much with him!  I still do look forward to times with the boys as they get bigger and enter each new phase, but I have most definitely learned (in my old age) to not wish my life away.  It's fine to look forward to things...but don't wish for the current stage to pass.  Because without a doubt...this precious, sweet and tender phase will pass all too soon and we will forever be wanting to hold our precious little babies again. Reid marks his 1/2 year birthday today...I have mixed emotions.  So proud of him and all he's learned to do...but sad because I know it's going by way too fast.  He's a 1/2 a year old and I don't think it should be possible!!!  So...if you don't see me blogging as much or on's because I'm soaking up my cuddles when I get free time.  All my boys will be my precious little babies (at least in my eyes)...but they will only let me cuddle them for so long.  I don't want to wish my life away....or my cuddles away.  As tiring or trying some days may be...just soak in a little of them each day and remember they are only at this age once. I wipe my eyes (hehe), what has Reid been doing you ask??  He's rolling with the best of them, starting to reach for us, saying 'da da', making all new sounds with his mouth and just making all of us smile every day.  As he gets more mobile, the boys enjoy him more and more.  I love watching the 3 of them together.  They are so tender towards him...I can just pray it remains this way (all of us can have hope right?!)  Enjoy the pics!

 If Aiden or Max are in the room, good luck trying to get Reid's attention.  He is absolutely smitten with those two!!  Can you tell?

 Brody knows his job.  He's always right by the boys and he is so patient with them!  Reid will roll into him, grab his hair and push into his face and he just acts like it's part of his job.  Such a great boy Brody!  How are we so blessed?  It just doesn't seem fair....but I am so grateful to God for all he has provided us.

And here he is sucking on his fingers...his favorite thing to do!  Not such a big paci fan...but LOVES those fingers!

And here's Reid and Marlin playing together.  I'm sure they will be close cousins as they grow together.  There's 5 months between as you can see, Reid has his work cut out for him.  Catching up to Marlin is going to be quite the job for him!  They are both so CUTE!!!!

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