Tuesday, April 10, 2012

March Was a Blur!!

Before you know it...it's been a month since I've last blogged!  A lot has happened around here. Reid has continue to grow and get his own personality, I started a new job, Aiden started t-ball, a few cake orders, we celebrated my 34th birthday and overall had a lot of great family time!  Sometimes we're a little slack on picture taking because we get caught up in the moment...but we were able to catch a few this month.  Here are some random pics...Enjoy!

 This is Aiden's personality.  I came out from the bedroom to find him with this on doing a rap dance.  He cracks me up!!  I never know what my day is going to end up like with these boys!!!  One thing I can count on is LOTS of laughter and smiles!

 Then they go to crazy to sweet.  I found them cuddling watching cartoons on Saturday morning while I was making breakfast.  I hope this sweetness lasts forever!!

 A little snuggle time with my ittle one. 

 Sitting up all by himself! 

 When I bring the camera out he normally gets his serious look on his face.  So I have to wait until he starts playing to show everyone his adorable smile!  He has such a wonderful laid back personality...such a cuddle bug!

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