Tuesday, April 10, 2012

7 Months Old!

Reid is 7 months old!  He is sitting up by himself, rolling everywhere, eating lots of baby food and trying his best to get up on his knees to rock back and forth.  He's not quite there but it won't be long.  This boy wants to MOVE!!  Even though he's not crawling he definitely gets where he wants to go by scooting, rolling, wiggling and anything else he has to.  He likes to talk to...especially to his brothers.  They can make him smile and laugh better than anyone...except for daddy when he gets his tickle spot.  When daddy gets that tickle spot on his side...he does the cutest belly laugh ever!

And the newest thing Reid is working on...his first tooth...or should I say teeth.  We've been checking every day.  He's drooling crazy and he pus EVERYTHING in his mouth (in addition to his fingers that he's always loved).  I can distinctly feel two teeth on the bottom just waiting to poke through.  So I guess he's going to be like his big brother, Max, and get his teeth in sets.  As excited as we are for him to be out of pain...I'll miss his little toothless grin.  I think our days are numbered, so we better get pics while we can!  But then again...a mouth with two little teeth on the bottom will be just as adorable!!!

 Reid says he can't believe he's 7 months either!!!  He said it seems like just yesterday he was rockin the mid-night hours. 

For some reason this night I put him down to sleep and he was all about laughing and moving all over his crib.  So of course I grabbed the camera.  Surprisingly he went straight off to sleep after we played a little :)  I couldn't have gotten an easier baby!  Of course I say he's easy...but I really do think Baby Wise has so much to do with it.  3 babies, 3 baby wise schedules....3 happy babies with great sleep and eating schedules.  When everyone is rested...everything is better!  I can't thank Melissa enough for telling me about the Baby Wise book and I recommend it to everyone!!! 

 Look at all that cuteness!!!  And he's all mine!! (well...I guess I'll share him with Justin and the boys)

 A bit blurry because he was moving so much.  I took several more pics...but most were blurry because of the low light and he was so busy!

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