Thursday, May 31, 2012

Post 1 of DISNEY!!!

As promised to many friends and family come the Disney pics!!  As we have 1000 pictures I won't bore you with all the details of our trip, but I have picked out a few to give you the highlights!  Definitely one of the highlights in my mind will be the look on their faces each time we saw something new and hearing those cute little voices saying "Dreams DO come true!" from the back of the van as we drove up to our hotel.  This trip was A TON of fun.  All four kids are so deserving and they were very appreciative!  I know I am biased...but I think these 4 kids are some of the best!  I couldn't have been any prouder of any of them with the way they acted during the whole trip...even when they were wiped out.  So...without further's DISNEY!!!  The most magical place on earth!!!

All our bags packed and ready to load into the Suburban! I think we did pretty good.  Oh...there were 3 strollers on top of this...

 Here we are the train station in Raleigh to go to the 'cabin'.  The kids didn't know until the next morning where we were ACTUALLY going.  When we finally told them, they were in shock.  They didn't believe us at first...they just stared and said "are you serious?", but when it sank in they were super excited!  Our first day was spent around the resort swimming and just hanging out.  Getting ready for the busy days ahead!

 We're HERE!!!  First park...Animal Kingdom!  and the kids had to sport their handmade shirts from yours truly.  The kids looked super cute and we had compliments all day long!  They were very easy to make :) 

 Poor Max didn't quite make the minimum height requirement for some you can see he was within less of 1/4 inch.  Don't worry...he magically grew overnight (haha) and was able to ride the rides the remainder of the week.  He had 'special shoes' :)

 One of our favorite shows...Finding Nemo.  It's hard to get good pics...but at least you can see a little of the amazing costumes.  It was awesome!

 Max couldn't quite make it back to the hotel and because of this little nap, he didn't rest later.  Not to worry...his batteries charge pretty fast and he was ready to go!

 The boys at the Tree of Life.  Such cute brothers...

 For the 2nd half of the day we went to Magic Kingdom.  The kids got a sneak peek and couldn't wait to go back on another day!

 Day 2 started off really early!  Chef Mickey's at 7 am...which means an early start with transportation and all.  Amazingly, the boys didn't mind the early morning at all!

 On our way to Epcot!  A little time with my man!

 Lucky for us, all the flowers were in bloom at Epcot.  They are absolutely amazing!!!

 Max showing his true personality!  It's so terrible that he doesn't have a sense of humor!

Hannah holding up the HUGE golf ball!  I don't have pics of Miss Hannah's character breakfast, but she started her day off with all the princesses at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall and even got her picture with Belle (one of her favorites)!!

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