Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Part 2 of Disney - Magic Kingdom

Here we the happiest place on earth!  I know some of you may think we're geeky for getting 'Disny-fied', but the kids loved it and so did we!  If you can't get geeky at Disney...where can you?  haha!  We had a blast and already can't wait for our next trip.  The memories are priceless!

 The Flemings (minus 1) and McNeals - Disney 2012

We made the shirts.  Super easy!  Get some wonder under, fabric of choice, design of your choice - iron on and sew around the edges.  Can't get much easier than that!  Think of the possibilities for birthday shirts, holiday shirts....can't wait to make more for the boys!

 Can you just hear his giggle!?  I love this pic...even if it's a little blurred...makes you feel like you are on the ride still...

 Do you think they are having a good time??

 You can't go to Disney and NOT ride Dumbo! 

 Friends from the beginning....two peas in a pod...

 Getting ready to ride the Great Goofini!  A roller coaster the perfect size for Max.

 Even before this trip, the boys have been pretty consistent that they are going to be race car drivers.  (Hence Max's race car birthday in a few days).  So of course we COULD NOT pass up the Grand Prix!

 Where's Max???

 There he is!!!  Look closely!

 Dreams do come true!  Never stop dreaming!

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