Sunday, June 10, 2012

Part 3 - Disney!

 Aiden trying to look like the aliens while waiting to meet the two and only....BUZZ and WOODY!!!

 And it FINALLY happened!  Live...right there in person!  Can you believe it!  Buzz and Woody!!!  The week could have ended here....but of course it didn't!

 Nate took Woody a High Point police patch....too cute!

 Of course we had to get a picture next to the Fleming sign.  Aiden's faces crack me up.

 The boys told Snow White all about the dinosaurs and pirates...but she said there are no dinos or pirates where she comes from.  They are too scary!  So witches with poisonous apples aren't too scary for her??

 Getting ready for the boys pirate dress up and later Miss Hannah's princess experience.  The all loved it!

 Aiden taking the pirates oath.

 Here's Henry mean!!

 Max transformed into Jake from the Neverland Pirates!  Guess what Max is going to be for Halloween?!  Two for one!!

 And last but not's Benjamin Wavewrecker....arrrgghhh!

 And beautiful Belle herself!

 And of course they had to play the part....all day long!

We finished out the day with amazing fireworks and light show.  Not to long afterwards they were dead to the world.  Funny trying to get them on the bus.  They were exhausted...and so were we!

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