Sunday, June 10, 2012

Final Disney Post!!

Last and final day was Animal Kingdom!  If you haven't's definitely a park not to miss.  They have awsome shows, good food, rides for everyone and much more!  Our favorite parks were dfinitely Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.  Only 2 days in we were already talking about when our next trip to Disney would be.  So in a few years when Reid is bigger...we'll definitely be heading down south to party with all the characters again!  Until then...we'll just dream about it!  Hope you enjoyed the pics and are planning a trip of your own this summer!

 Lion King musical is great!  You can't miss it if you are's a must see!

 When Justin was little the chipmunks pinched his cheeks and freaked him out.  So 30 years later...he got his revenge!!!

 One of Max's favorite rides...Triceretop's Spin with one of his favorite people...can it get any better!?

 Aiden making sure he's tall enough for Primeval Whirl!  Lots of spin don't bother me...but this ride hurt my back...they definitely need some more padding on the seats :)

 Playing a few games before heading back to the resort.

 And we won!!!  The extra large toy at that!!  Max ended up trading it in for several smaller toys to share with all the kids.  Such a nice boy!  Anything really can happen at Disney!

 Heading back to the resort with all their loot!

 Headed home :(

 One last snack before leaving...YUMMY!

I think this is how we all felt after such a fun filled week!  All the kids loved the rides and Hannah and Aiden went on the big coasters like Space Mountain, Rockin' Rollercoaster, Everest and Tower of Terror!  So proud of them!

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