Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Reid

Happy Birthday baby Reid!!!  You are a whole one finger old!!

A year ago today I was waiting in pre-op scared to death of coughing (due to a cold) during my c-section.  A huge coughing attach right before we headed back made me even more anxious.  Don't worry....the doctors assured me they could 'hit a moving target' and 'it wouldn't hurt them'.  After the jokes were all done...I have to say everyone was so sweet and really helped me relax.  I think they could tell i was a bit nervous...even though it was my third c-section.  No matter how many times you go through it, you can't help but be anxious, nervous, excited and literally jumping out of your skin to meet you new precious baby.  The baby you have been carrying around and nurturing inside of you for 9 months.  I look back to November 18th, May 14th and August 31st with such great memories...I just wish I could re-live those days and soak up every sweet moment with my little newborns.  I would re-live each and every ache of pregnancy in a minute if I could!!  (yes...I know I'm crazy!)

But...with the end of one phase comes another new and exciting phase.  So while I'm sad my little baby is no longer an infant....I am so happy and proud of the little boy he is becoming.  So tender and laid back and welcomes snuggles at any time...and sooooo wanting to do everything his big brothers do.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY REID!!!  You make us so happy and we all have so much fun with you each and every day.  You're started a new year with lighter hair, 5 teeth, brownish/grey eyes and a smile that can make anyone happy.  You are walking more and more every day...soon we'll literally be chasing you around the house!  Love you so much little bug!

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