Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Can Dream Can't I?? much as I love my job and appreciate the stability and all from my full time job, I have a dream of staying at home and doing cakes...opening my own shop...being the PTA mom, etc. As much as I dream about it, I'm not brave enough to actually turn it into reality....yet. humor myself I came up with a business name and a business card. Pretty much because I just wanted a cute card to give out :) Maybe some day it will turn into something...but for now it's just a pipe dream. Dreams are good to have though!! When you stop dreaming, you stop living in my opinion! is my 'fake' business card that I think is so cute!! I actually have them printed up, but always forget to hand them out. Oh...and I completely have not checked to see if the name is taken, but since this is just a hobby....I don't think that is a problem???
Have a wonderful day...and don't forget to day dream a little bit :)

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  1. Totally cute! LOVE the name! You should definitely dream...makes life more fun! These business cards will make anyone want to buy an cake from you! Great job on them! Thanks for the coupons yesterday BTW!