Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Life...A Mom of All Boys...

So...you may ask "What is it like to be a mother of all boys?".  My answer: It's AWESOME!  I wouldn't change it for anything.  Yes, it's tiring, sometimes frustrating, sometimes embarrassing...but it's always an adventure!  My boys love running errands with me.  I know this sounds odd...but without family near by they have always gone with us.  So they have grown to love our trips to the grocery store, farmers market, toy store and yes...they even go to the quilt shop with me when need be.  So here comes one of the embarrassing moments I have to share...

So, for my latest sewing project (baby bumper pad) I needed a zipper foot for my sewing machine.  On Saturday while daddy worked on laying hardwood floors we were off.  First to Home Depot, then Frogurt (yummo), then Target and last but not least...the quilt shop.  I knew I was treading on thin waters.  How many errands can I really ask of them and all before lunch??  Not to mention it was noon and lunch time was getting over due.  I even made the exact comment to the nice women at the shop while I was getting what I needed.  Anyways...I quickly got my zipper foot and was checking out when the ladies asked me about my due date and whether it was another boy.  Their reaction when I told them yes..."OH...you're going to have your hands full!"  So...right on que I turn to my ever so adorable boys to find out they are behind me with Aiden saying "I'm playing with my weiner!!".  Max of course did not miss a beat and chimed right in with the same phrase and motions! 

Well...let me just say, I wanted to melt into the floor and disappear!  So I laughed it off and quickly told them to stop.  How come they listen to me the first time when I tell them we're going for ice cream, but  not when I tell them to stop "playing with their weiners"?  So we quickly had a mommy-to-son talk and little threaten of time out in the car and we were on our way...after wishing the ladies a lovely day! 

So...I get home to start my sewing project later to find out my new sewing machine came with a stinking zipper foot!!!  What?!  I didn't have to buy one? Could have saved myself the embarrassement?  Ohhhh...but life wouldn't be as fun that way!  I'll just chalk this one up to 'life as a mom of all boys' moment...

Here are my adorable boys on another errand trip the day before.  And no, I did not pose them.  They sat on the bench and asked me to take this picture.  And this is why I don't mind the embarrassing moments...because you have so many more precious moments than the other :)  I'll take my boys and all their 'weiner playing' any day! 

And yes...I WILL have my hands full!

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