Friday, July 22, 2011

Reid's Bumper Pad - Check!! we got the bonus room completed I started another baby project.  Reid's bumper pad that will match his quilt :)  Quilt is still in progress...stay tuned for that one!  Anyways...last Sunday I got the bumper pad completed after a few arguments with the sewing machine.  Don't worry...we made up and we're on much better terms now!
 I still have to get the sheets on the bed and all, but I couldn't wait to share my latest creation!!  It's definitely not perfect, but I really doubt Reid will notice :)

Now onto to finishing the quilt and gettng the rest of the nursery projects done!!  We're on a count down!!  Less than 6 weeks left!!  I love you already baby Reid!  Can't wait to meet you!

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