Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pregnancy Update

I've been a bit slack on this blog lately....but for good reason :)  We've been busily getting ready for baby Reid, running to and from t-ball and of course working.  But I am glad to say we finally have all the necessities done and most of the non-necessities done and we are patiently waiting for Reid's arrival.  All is still scheduled for Aug. 31st and to be honest I really hope I make it to that date because I'm good with the plan we have right now.  I'm happy to have the doctor I have and we have everything arranged so I can be home for Aiden's 1st day of kindergarten so even though everyone hopes I go early...I think I would rather be uncomfortable a few more days and be able to celebrate both big events with my boys.  Aiden's 1st day of school and the birth of Reid!!  It's going to be a big week for us!  Emotional to say the least!!'s a pic of me at 35 weeks....

And again at 36 weeks preggers....

Any funny pregnancy comments??  Of course!!  I get them daily and they just make me laugh...most of them anyways.  So here are a few of my favorite/most absurd comments/situations I've had...

1) I've been asked if someone could 'thump' my belly.  Yes...they meant to 'thump' my belly like a watermelon.  Unfortunately, I'm not a piece of fruit and my belly doesn't make the 'thumping' sound.  Sorry to dissappoint :(

2) One lady argued with me that I was wrong about my due date.  When I told her I had 6 weeks left (a while ago)...she yelled "NO!" and was very adamant that I only had 2 weeks left.  Maybe I should go back to that store and see if she would like to change her answer??

3) While exiting a restaurant two weeks ago an older couple made a VERY exaggerated move as I walk by.  To give me more space.  First of all...I had enough room to begin with.'s NOT contagious!  And thirdly...the comment of "table for 3..hahahaahah!!"  Wasn't so romantic when Justin and I were trying to have a nice date night...but it did give us something to laugh about! 

4) As my tank top was riding up one day, Max told me that Reid was 'getting GIANT' and was pulling my shirt up!  He was so nice that he pulled my tank top down for me...but it's useless...30 seconds later Reid pulled it right back up!

5) Max also told me one day that my butt was big and to be honest...he's right.  But Aiden was right there to tell me it wasn't.  I'm so lucky at least one of my boys will tell me fibs to make me feel better :)

6) I can't remember the times I've been told I'm having twins, times a tickin and the amazed looks I get when I say how many more weeks I have left. 

But in the end...I'll take them all!  We're so excited to meet our baby boy that silly comments just make me laugh.  2 weeks and 5 days....he'll be here one way or another!  And I'm proud to say while I have gained some padding on my toosh....I have not started swelling!  I completely expected the hot summer to get the best of me...but I really have been blessed with another wonderful pregnancy thus far!  It's not all a walk in the park...I've been in pain the past few weeks...but knowing it's the end is enough to keep me going :)  I can endure anything for a few weeks...women have dealt with much worst so in the end I consider myself one blessed momma :)

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