Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ready for Reid!

 Here we are...the nursery is finally complete (minus a few prenatal pics and newborn pics to be added when Reid is here).  My beginning vision was chocolate brown and apple green.  When looking for fabric for the baby quilt I decided to add the blue and orange.  I'm so glad I did because I absolutely LOVE the nursery!  It's just what I imagined and I actually got it all done in time!!  Woo hoo!!  Now we're ready to welcome baby Reid into the family...complete with his own little nest.  And I must's the first completely finished room in the house!  Now back to working on the other rooms :) 

 Monogram bought from Etsy.  And somehow I actually got it on the wall straight without crying!!

 Left over fabric framed to add more color to the room.  The walls are "French Roast" by Sherwin Williams just in case you love the color as much as I do!

 Reid's completed baby quilt!  And I have to say...this is the first quilt I actually get to keep :)  All the other quilts I have done were for nieces and nephews so I only got to enjoy them for a few days before giving them as gifts.  Now back to working on Aiden's quilt and starting one for Max!!

 Another pic of the finished bumper pad.  The boys had to add some sleep friends to the crib for Reid.  Most of these were their sleep friends that they wanted to share with him.  So sweet!

 View from the corner.  First time for making the tissue balls...not too bad!

 View from the door way.  I made the owl with leftover fabric and the boys helped me stuff it.  They had a blast!

 Up close of the blue owl...we made an orange owl too!

 Another picture of the completed quilt...

 First time for piecing the back of the quilt.  Left over fabric pieces made a cute design on the back.  So glad I added it so you can see the fabric colors on both sides!This was also my first time making the binding and all :)

A view from the corner by the crib.  As you can see, Brody loves the room too.  He even brought in his orange toy to share with Reid.  Even he picked up on the color theme!!  Good dog Brody!

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