Friday, September 16, 2011

Update on the Fleming Boys :)

First things little (big) man started kindergarten :)  They have been in school for several weeks and he's loving it!  He didn't even skip a beat when mommy had little Reid.  So far...great student!  I couldn't be more proud of little "A".

With Aiden having a 'big day', we couldn't leave little Max out of the fun.  His gift for being completely potty trained and without accidents for a few months was a new BIKE!!  We were late in getting the bike, but it actually turned out to be perfect timing with Aiden starting school and Reid's birth.  It gave Max something to look forward to on the calendar :)  So...daddy and I took Max to Toys R Us (a.k.a.  the bike store as Max would call it) for our very own date and he got to pick out his brand new bike!  He picked Toy Story of course!  Great job Max!!  You're such a big boy now!  We're so proud of you!
 Of course he's in his PJ's because he couldn't wait to ride it!  Not even long enough to change his clothes :)

 And of course....the birth of Reid!!  We've been pretty busy around here :)  Here's a pic after one of his baths, which he's not to fond of.  But come to think of it...none of the boys like the bath until they could sit in the water.  I guess it's just too cold when you can't sit in the water!!

 And with school comes homework!  This week Aiden had his very first homework assignment.  Of course he tried to go play before homework, but he has the rules down now.  He's so grown up!

 Max is really taking to his 'big brother' role.  He ALWAYS has to check on Reid, make sure mommy is feeding him right and try to help out in any way he can.  We found him keeping Reid company the other day...too cute!

 Here's Reid...2 weeks old already!

And here's Reid relaxing in his swing.  Do you see something odd?  Yes...that is Brody's tennis ball.  He keeps sitting it in Reid's swing and then staring at him.  We can only imagine what is going through Brody's mind..."Throw the ball boy!!  You have hands like the rest of them...throw it!".  Poor Brody...he's trying to get attention where ever he can.  I think Brody is having more trouble sharing attention than the boys are! 

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