Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reid is 3 Weeks Old!!

How is it going you might ask??  Great!  He's healthy, happy, eating good, sleeping great (for his age...not for ours :)) so I really can't ask for much more.  Both boys are extremely happy to have him here and not showing any signs of jealousy. They understand the feeding schedule and that mommy was sore from her surgery and were very good listeners about climbing on mommy or Reid.  Now that the c-section pain is getting behind us, life is starting to get back to normal for us. 'normal' as it can be when we're adjusting to another little being in our world :)  But overall I would say it has been an easier adjustment...mostly because he's such a laid back baby.  I didn't think babies could get any easier than Aiden, but Reid is giving him a run for his money!!

As for me...I'm doing well.  Not feeling 100% back to Rachel, but I would say I'm about 95% there.  Still a few hormonal moods here and there, but then again it has been rainy and dreary this week so maybe it's from the weather. 

Justin started back to work today so little by little we're getting back to the real world.  I'm just glad I have 9 more weeks until I have to go back to my 'real world'.  I'm enjoying my time at home with all my boys and plan to do a lot of sewing and relaxing with Reid.  I don't want the next 9 weeks to be too busy...I really want to savor the last time we'll have a itty bitty snuggly baby around.  so...with that said...I must go love on Reid for a little while.  Toodles!!

This picture makes me laugh...looks like he's growing out of a blanket :) 
At first I thought he was another little Max, but this week I am seeing Aiden in him.  Who knows who he will favor...but I know he'll be perfect in his own way.  He's Reid...and he's perfect!!

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