Friday, July 22, 2011

Proud of My Hubby!!

 So...many of you have heard me talk about how we haven't been able to get the nursery ready because we were finishing our bonus room to have the TV/play room for the boys.'s finished!!!  I'm so proud of my hubby!  He finished all the work himself (except drywall...we had to hire out for that.  we're not crazy!!)!  He worked so hard on this for our family and I'm just sooo happy to see how proud he is of himself and what a great room it turned out to be.  The boys know it's THEIR room and they love it!  Even before their toys and TV were in there :) 

 Here's a picture from the window looking back into the hallway.  Don't mind the mess in the's cleaned up now :)
 So last weekend we had to send time getting the boys toys unpacked and into their new room...which means we needed more storage to be organized!  The boys helped Pap Pap put the toy bins together and had a lot of fun!

Even Brody came to help out!  We still have a little more organizing to do and decorating of course...but the room is done and it's such a great place for family time!  Thanks Justin!  We love it!

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