Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sweet Baby Toes

Is there anything cuter???  This is what I saw peeking out of the blankets while Reid was playing in his swing.  Had to grab the camera!!  I will try my hardest to have pictures of all 3 boys...not just the first :)  I know it can never be equal...but I'll try my hardest!

So back to the toes.  I might just miss this the most when I have no babies they all grow up.  Don't think I'm crazy, but I love to rub baby toes on my cheeks.  They are so soft!  I showed Justin this and he looked at me like I was crazy!  Believe me...I don't do this with other people's kids..just my own boys when we play.  I've done it to all 3 of them (when they were infants) and just this time showed Justin.  I thought he might like to rub the soft little toes on his cheeks, but he didn't understand :)  It's kind of like my love affair with chomping on their squishy cheeks.  It's just the little things I will miss as they get bigger.  They are only this little once...when they are older they might not take kindly to me chomping on their cheeks or kissing their toes.  haha!!! 

If you're reading this...let me know the little silly things you used to do with your little babies that you miss :)

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