Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Arriving in Paris and Notre-Dame de Paris

Arriving in Paris...finally! After a little delay, we made it!! However, one VERY important lesson when reading a map is to be certain you have the correct starting point. We did NOT follow this lesson. We got the metro stops confused on the map, so you can imagine us getting turned around in downtown Paris with luggage and all. So...the walk from the metro station took a little longer than expected, but we made it. We dropped our luggage off and headed down the street for dinner. We ate at a lovely Italian restaurant and had some really good red wine and finished off the late dinner with some 'to die for' tiramisu. It was soooooo good!

I can never remember here is a pic in case we might have it in the US

The best bedtime snack EVER!
So, the next morning we left the hotel around 9 a.m and headed towards Notre-Dame. Partly walking, partly riding the tour bus...but Notre Dame was the first major stop on our list. We visited the outside on Saturday and went back on Sunday for the tour inside. we go on our tour of Paris. I'll try my best...hope you enjoy the pics!

Here's our view as we walked up to Notre-Dame. Such a beautiful cathedral.

Closer pics to see the detail...

Leslie and I in front of Notre-Dame. We decided to trade pics with some other tourists. Not too bad of a pic. After this, we headed to the Louvre...we came back on Sunday for more of Notre-Dame...

After waiting a little over an hour we were able to climb 400 steps up the tower of Notre-Dame. Yes....400 steps. The funny thing, I was joking with Leslie that we climbed 400 later find out that was the actual number of steps! The tower steps got more narrow as you climb higher. Coming back down made us VERY dizzy.

Our view of Paris from the first level of the tower. At this point, we are on the landing between the towers on either side of the cathedral. Great view of the little shops below.

Closer look of the gargoyles on the top...

Going inside the tower...more stairs to follow

Inside the tower is all wooden as you can see. As we went in...I couldn't help but joke that this is where the hunch back must have spent his time :)

View of the city from the very top of the tower. At this point are legs were pretty shaky...but it was well worth the climb up the steps.

After we went back down, we stood in yet another line to enter the main cathedral hall. Inside, it is truly breathtaking. Here's an upclose picture of the main altar.

Main cathedral hall
Stay stop on the tour...Musee de Louvre!

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