Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Day in Cologne, Germany

Before I tell you about today, I have to tell you about our taxi ride from the airport last night. During our drive I spotted the driver going 170 km/hour! I am not a good passenger, so it would be safe to say I was slightly nervous. So, today I did the conversion...105 mph!!!! I was never so happy to get out of that car. Now I know the driving with Justin is not that bad!

Onto today....It was a long day today and I am ready for bed!! A quick blog with pics so you can see a little bit of Germany. Our day was off to a bright start...we decided to walk to the train station to see a little bit of Aachen, Germany before travelling to Cologne for the day. We were all smiles taking pics until a German women spotted us (and our puzzled looks) and offered to help. She spoke a little English...well enough to tell us we were walking in the wrong direction. Oh well...we saw a little more of the city than we planned. The pic below was taken during our detour. Just a pic of downtown Aachen in the morning. It was overcast and pretty chilly today!

We finally made it to the train station!!

Successfully on the correct train to Cologne, Germany :) We accidentally sat in 1st class, but they politely corrected us with only 5 minutes left of our ride.
The beautiful cathedral in downtown Cologne. The train station took us right to it. I can't even describe how large this cathedral is! It's absolutely breathtaking inside too!

Not the best picture of the cathedral, but it give you some sort of idea how large it is.

On our way into the chocolate museum. Free chocolate, here I come!
We got to read all we wanted about the cocoa bean...the best part was watching how chocolate candies were made and tasting the final product. Yummm!

Next stop...the botanical gardens. Beautiful gardens and we were lucky enough to watch two bride and grooms getting their pictures taken. Such a beautiful place to have portraits!

In the botanical gardens they had a little playground for the kids. I couldn't resist! They, of course, reminded me of the boys so I had a little fun for them! I miss you Aiden and Max!

The picture above is exactly what you think it is. Let me explain...all day we were seeing crazy bachelor and bachelorette parties. As much as we could tell, the whole group dresses alike and the bride/groom must make complete fools of themselves...each group had their own ideas. We probably passed 15-20 groups yesterday...all loud, funny and completely drunk. So the winner of the funny ideas...the groom that had to pull his pants down, showing his tighty whities, stick his butt through the sheet with a whole in it while his buddies (and complete strangers) took their turn trying to drill him in the butt with a soccer ball as hard as he could. It was hilarious!!! I do have a pick from the other side, but I'll spare you all :) We have no idea what the sheet says, but we'll find out. They were all wearing shirs with "Game Over" and the wedding date we assume.

And since we're in Germany...we must try the beer! Tonight was my first Germany beer. Of course, I have no idea what kind it was because the waiter didn't speak English but he did understand 'beer'. It was really good! Better than the water I had at lunch. This pic was at 10 p.m. and as you can see it's still light out. Something to get used to that's for sure!
I'm off to bed. I'm exhausted and we have more walking to do tomorrow. Nighty night....

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