Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Aiden's First Fish

I'm a little behind on some blogging, but I definitely wanted to show Aiden's first fish and the wonderful trip to our family's cabin in Seneca Rocks, WV back in April. If you have never been to West Virginia and like the mountains, you should visit the Seneca Rocks/Petersburg area. There's rock climbing, mountain trails, caverns to explore, fishing and much more. Best of all, you're snuggled in the valley with beautiful mountain views. Can't get much better than a relaxing weekend in the mountains...unless you're at the's a toss up!
Don't worry, this isn't the family cabin :) Just a old barn in the middle of the field that I thought was too pretty not to take a picture!
We went to the annual Springs Mountain Festival on Saturday then enjoyed a train ride. They had a war re-enactment with loud canons and all! The kids loved it of course!
On Sunday before leaving, we took Aiden fishing and he caught his very first fish...ALL BY HIMSELF!! He cast the pole, set the hook and everything! He was so proud of himself. He caught 3 or 4 that day! I think the outfit really helped him. I guess fishing is in the family blood and he's taking after his Pap Pap Gary and Uncle Don.

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