Thursday, June 17, 2010

Black Sausage Anyone??

Leslie and I went out to do a little shopping tonight for people back home and to get a traditional German meal. Our dining experiences haven't been the best when we've been left to ourselves (without translation), but we were very hopeful tonight :) After the shops closed, we went back to the big plaza to eat at a restaurant we were told about. We were so excited to see they had an English menu and the waiter spoke English....yeah!!!! Leslie opted for the beef goulash and I went for a mix of black sausage, pork and another sausage served with creamed potatoes and pickled cabbage. We were told the black sausage was a traditional German meal, so that's what I had. However, the waiter urged me to get the meal with a variety of meat because not everyone likes it. Good idea!! Of course...we have pics of the meal to share... Black sausage anyone??

I'm not exactly sure what's in it...but the texture was very weird. But I tried it. It's wasn't as disgusting as it looks, but not something I would have for a whole meal. I had it once...and probably never again :)

Off to Paris tomorrow for the weekend...will blog next week with pics! I'm missing Justin and the boys a bunch, but hopefully Paris will keep my mind occupied. Love you all!

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