Sunday, March 7, 2010

Modern Preggo Momma Baby Shower Cake

Ok all....this is one of the cakes I am most proud of so far...thanks to Tiffany! She challenged me to make something new. I was a little scared at first (for fear of letting her down), but I knew I was up for the challenge! I tried a new sugar medium this time too...modelling chocolate :) If any of you watch Cake Boss on TLC I'm sure you have heard them talking about it. It drove me nuts so I had to find out what it was and try it out for myself. It works so much better for making figures rather than fondant. Modelling chocolate is my new friend :) The stroller is made of gumpaste and the bags are made of modelling chocolate. This cake was really fun to make! The pics could be better....that is my next project. Trying to figure out how to take better cake pics!

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