Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poor Max :(

So, here we are and Max has a virus the week of Easter. Poor guy...I left work yesterday to pick him up from daycare with a fever of 102 and his cough was terrible! I was thinking in the morning that his allergies were bothering him, but it's obviously a virus of some sort. We have been blessed with an overall healthy family. Each of us probably only get sick once or twice a year, but for some reason we have a pattern with Easter. Here Max is in 2010...

Max sleeping off his fever with Pap Pap in 2009 - sick on our trip to WV :(

We were healthy in 2008 (mommy was very pregnant though), but here Aiden is in 2007...he woke up Easter morning with a fever and his virus lasted a full week. He was so pitiful!

I'm sure Max will be healthy by this weekend so he can enjoy the festivities of egg coloring and egg hunts, but right now his fever and cough persists. In the mean time I will enjoy my time of cuddling him since he's normally too busy to let me hold him all day :)

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