Saturday, March 13, 2010

Soccer Stud

This week was Aiden's first soccer practice. He was pumped ever since we bought the gear and Dick's Sporting Goods the weekend before. We kicked the ball around with him in the yard last weekend, but of course neither Justin or I know anything about soccer !! So Tuesday was the big day and he did great! The first practice of soccer was MUCH better than last year's first practice of T-ball when almost every kid cried at least once :) Soccer was much more fun! He listened and did great at all the drills they did. All the kids had a blast! Of course I'm biased, but I definitely think he has some natural talent! We'll see how it goes...but so far we're all really excited!! His first game is March 20th at 10:00...can't wait to see all the kids run in one big glob up and down the field...I'm sure it will be entertaining to say the least!

Of course Max had a great time at practice too! He ran around eating his food, playing with his ball and then he found an even better toy...the cones on the field! They double as a hat!

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