Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Little Things

If you know me, you know I am a big list maker. There's just something about making a list and getting tasks crossed off that gives me a huge sense of accomplishment for my day! I not only cross things off my list....I cross them off with the biggest, fattest marker I can find. For some reason a little pen just doesn't do the trick :) a world with a list for everything and a deadline to go with it, I think it's important to throw the lists away from time to time and enjoy the little things. I'll be honest...I don't ACTUALLY throw them away...maybe just hide them for a day or two :) If you never put your list away, you may miss the little moments in life that carry you through the yucky ones.

This past Sunday was a day filled with things on my list...but quickly Aiden reminded me that Sundays should not be about lists. So instead of baking with a goal in mind...we took our time and baked together! Aiden is the biggest helper ever and he makes everything more fun. If I didn't put my list down I would have missed this glimpse of his little hands at work. His hands are so little...but it reminds me of how much he has grown the past few years...and how fast those years have gone.

And another pic of our baking time together. Shortly after this pic I asked Aiden to show me the egg for a picture and the egg slipped out of his hand, over his shoulder and 'crash' on the floor behind Brody's tail! We both had a big laugh and it quickly brought back another story about eggs on a busy Sunday morning when Aiden was 2. Justin and I had been upstairs changing clothes and all of a sudden I hear...

Justin: "Aiden! What did you do?"
Aiden: "Eggs go CRASH!"

Yep...that's right...Aiden found the eggs in the fridge and had 'CRASHED' about 9 eggs on the kitchen floor! That was definitely NOT on our 'to do' list that morning, but it's a story of Aiden and the day he learned 'eggs go CRASH'

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